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Facilities/Food and Drink

– 9 aboutGolf PGA Tour Simulators – 7 Classic, 1 SimSurround (3 screen wonder in a private room), 1 Curve (fully immersive screen in a private room).

  • Endorsed by the PGA TOUR, aboutGolf Simulators are the product of more than 30 years of dedicated research and development.
  • The aboutGolf Simulator fully consumes you, drawing you into the experience through unmatched accuracy, living 3D graphics and proprietary Immersive Play Technologyâ„¢.
  • Our simulators feature over 50 world-famous courses rendered in amazing 3D graphics. Check out the video below for a sample!
  • Used by The Golf Channel (The Golf Fix with Michael Breed, School of Golf) and at PGA Tour stops/stores.
  • Dial in your distances using any of the driving range modes.

Rules of Play

– No metal spikes – soft spikes are permitted. Please clean off shoes (grass, mud, leaves, etc. that may be stuck to the bottoms) before entering the Simulator.
– Bring your own clubs. Please make sure club faces are clean. (We are happy to clean them for you, if needed.) We also have a limited number of rentals available onsite.
– We supply specially marked Callaway golf balls. You must use these balls for the systems to function properly. Do not make any additional marks on golf balls as they transfer to, and ruin, our screens.
Due to the fact that most tee times are in high demand and in order to
discourage booking longer sessions than required, players will be charged for
the time that was reserved, regardless of the actual time used.

– 1 hr = 1 person for 18 holes once familiar with the system and play.
Book some extra time if it is your first time.
No food or drink in the Simulators.
– If you must cancel your reservation, please do so at least 24 hours in advance.
– Dress code is casual but we reserve the right to request that distasteful
clothing be changed.
– Children under 12 years old must have an adult present at all times.
– You may be moved to a different Classic Simulator than was reserved in order to maximize scheduling opportunities.

The Kitchen at IEG

Food/Drink –
The Kitchen at IEG

Our food is simple but oh so good! We’ve got Hand-Crafted Pizza, Vienna Beef Hot Dogs, Polish Sausage, Seasoned Chicken Bites, Kaufhold’s Cheese Curds, Lettieri’s Sausage/Egg/Cheese Croissants, Beer, Coffee, Pepsi products, and snacks all available for you.

+ No outside food or drink is permitted.
+ Kitchen closes one hour before scheduled facility closing time.
+ We reserve the right to refuse/discontinue alcohol service to anyone at our discretion.