Whether it’s a corporate outing, a birthday party for any member of the family, a tournament with friends, or a church group outing, Inside Edge Golf offers everything you need for a great time, all under one roof. Play your favorite course. Get better at the game with a clinic with a Teaching Pro. Challenge your group with a long-drive or closest-to-the pin contest. With over 70 courses and multiple scoring systems like scramble and match play, there is something for everyone. Great food and drink are available and with our video, audio and Internet capabilities, you can even mix in a meeting. Use the form below to contact us for further pricing and to set up your event.

Groups/Event Pricing

Group pricing will apply for groups of at least 12 golfers. (Summer season groups must be for at least 27 hours total sim time.) Larger discounts are available for larger groups. Amount of discount varies with the day of the week & time of the year hosted. Fill out the form below and we will work with you to create a great event!

Use one hour per person for 18 holes as a guide for time. Each simulator will accommodate up to 8 players but we recommend 4 per simulator to speed play.

**Simulator Play – at least 10% discount from regular rates**

Additional Services:
**Clinic with Teaching Pro – Cost TBD**

**Club Rental – $10/set**

Groups/Event Form

If form does not submit and you don’t see a Thank You message, check the entries above for fields bordered in RED. These are either required fields that are empty or fields that have information not entered in the proper format (phone number or email, for example). “Good” fields will be bordered in green or grey.